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Børnehave og skoleudvikling på tværs ef landegrænser

Sommeren 2012 drog vi til Ljubljana for at tale om hvorfor det er så svært at overføre gode udviklingsideer indenfor læring, børnehavedesign og skoleudvikling lande imellem.

I forbindelse med at vi etablerer denne blog og er ved at udvikle en dansk hjemmeside har vi nedlagt den del af vores hjemmeside hvor informationen om vores tur lå og derfor smider vi indlægget ind her i stedet.

Sharing the knowledge of kindergarten design

All over the world the rules we have to follow varies. And often when visiting schools and other learning environments we hear people saying stuff along the lines “This is so great but in our country we are not allowed to …”.

So how do we find ways to get inspired, to develop together and to take the good ideas home without our culture and bureaucracy becoming an obstacle for adaption and development?

We try to analyse this as we go around the world studying learning environments and cultures. I’d like to put emphasis on the and in the former sentence, if we are to take anything we see outside our own borders home, we must consider the culture we saw it in. Too many times do we experience people taking a good idea from one place copying it to their own place without reflecting on what changes are needed to adapt, or better yet, integrate it to fit into their culture and system.

During this summer we met up with architect Jure Kotnik in Ljubljana to talk about the differences in kindergarten design and rules and how to make sharing good ideas easier around the world. Not a question we solved over the few days we were there but the beginning of project that hopefully many children will benefit from in the future.

Link to pictures from the two kindergartens that Jure designed extensions to: VRTEC JARSE & VRTEC JELKA

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