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Hellerup skole får fortsat stor opmærksom i udlandet

Derfor har vi tidligere haft langt information på vores engelske hjemmeside. I forbindelse med at vi etablerer denne blog og er ved at udvikle en dansk hjemmeside har vi nedlagt denne del af vores hjemmeside og smider indlæggene ind her i stedet.

Hellerup School

Hellerup school is known worldwide for being the first modern school with a continuous open learning spaces and is visited by school developers from all over the world who wish to be inspired to rethink learning spaces in their cultures. Everybody are surprised with the acoustics, the eager students and the atmosphere that suggests that here’s a space full of happy students and adults cooperating in learning, experimenting and enjoying each others input.

Jens Guldbæk was CEO the and driving force in the school development project in the municipality of Gentofte north of Copenhagen. The development project called SKUB involved the conversion of 11 schools, construction of 1 school, multi centers, dental clinics and libraries.

The innovative overall project has received several awards and is best known for Hellerup school which is a prime example of rethinking learning environments and the courage leaving the know behind.

All the individual projects had the users in the center of the development. It was a crucial principle to rethink the organization of the development processes, to plan dynamically and involve users and stakeholders to use their knowledge to develop a better school.

The building was designed in collaboration with Arkitema Architects.

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